Cruises Aren’t Just For Old People: How To Have A Great Time Touring The World By Boat

Years ago, cruises were the preserve of the wealthy, older generation who wanted to spend their retirement seeing more of the world onboard a sedate ship.

Today, there’s a cruise to suit every traveller, from families through to individuals seeking a great way to see more of the world without having to fly.

While there are still options for the older generation, the cruise market is now filled with ships full of cutting-edge gadgetry, incredible shopping experiences and amazing facilities.

Choosing The Cruise That’s Right For You

Picking the cruise that’s right for you is much like selecting the holiday that you want, but there’s more to consider. Cruises stop at a number of different ports around the world, so you need to select the destinations that you want to visit and think about how much time you want to spend there. You also need to decide between a river cruise and a sea cruise. Sea cruises visit different countries and take to the high seas, whilst river cruises travel across specific rivers. Depending on where you want to go and what you want to see, you can select either option and still enjoy a great experience.

Another consideration that you need to take into account is the facilities you want to have on your cruise ship. As it will be both your home and your transport for the duration of your trip, you need to consider what you want it to have. Most cruise ships will have the basics, including a selection of restaurants, pools, spas, shops and communal spaces, but some will also have additional amenities such as water slides, 4D theatres and even ice bars. Work out what you want your cruise experience to include and then try to find the ship that’s right for you.

There’s also the duration of your cruise that you need to think about. Some cruises can take around a week or two, whilst others can last for as long as 128 nights and take you all around the world. Work out how much time you want to spend on your cruise, or if you want to use it as a method of transport and then stop off in a specific city for a while.

Booking Your Cruise

Cruises can be booked either directly through the company that owns the ship, or through a travel agency, so shop around to find the best price and the cruise that you want. Agencies can be a good option for those looking for a hassle-free experience, as they can combine a range of services together. There are cruise and tour packages that you can select to give yourself an even better experience, and you can also see if your travel agency will offer you a deal on any transfers and additional travel you may require.

Booking through the cruise ship operator also has benefits, as you’re cutting out the middle-man, meaning that you could potentially save yourself some money on your cruise, and they’ll be able to give you up to date information on the ship and the latest deals they have to offer.

Get Everything You Need Before You Go

Cruise ships are filled with an array of shops and retailers, meaning that you’ll be able to find any little items you need as you sail, but it’s important that you take care of important things like paperwork and documentation before you travel. Depending on the countries you’re travelling to and the length of time you intend to spend in them, you might need a visa, which you’ll have to arrange yourself, as the cruise company won’t usually help you with this.

You also need to get travel insurance designed for cruises, so that you know that whatever happens your policy will have you covered. Compare the prices and policies available so that you can find the cruise travel insurance option that works best for you.

Try Everything!

When going on any holiday, it can be easy to retreat to your comfortable space and refuse to sample the meals, experiences and adventures to be had, but it’s important that you try and do your best to have fun and try a little of everything that your cruise holiday has to offer.

Take advantage of as many of the onboard amenities and facilities as your time allows, and make sure that you venture off the ship wherever possible to see the sights of the countries and cities your ship stops at. Research the countries and areas you’re visiting before your trip so that you can explore everything you want to see and really make the most out of your experience cruising the world.

As this article shows, there’s a cruising holiday to suit every traveller, so take the leap and explore the options that are best for you today!

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