The Greek Dishes You Have To Try On Your Next Mediterranean Holiday

Travelling to Greece is an unforgettable experience, and with so many different cultural influences and speciality ingredients it can be hard to choose the perfect meal.

It’s important that you try to find the freshest, most delicious local taverners, because whether you’re travelling around Athens examining the culture of one of the world’s oldest civilisations or island hopping across the Cyclades, there are some dishes you simply can’t miss out on.

For gourmets, travel enthusiasts and intrepid eaters alike, I’ve compiled a list of the Greek treats that everyone should try when they visit this extraordinary country.


Greece’s version of a pie features layers of flaky filo pastry filled with a succulent spinach and feta cheese mixture. It’s a filling yet light meal that’s perfect for a day spent adventuring throughout the Greek islands or exploring the beautiful landscapes this majestic country has to offer.


platter of Middle Eastern inspired dishes and fresh Greek specialities such as stuffed vine leaves, taramasalata, tzatziki, fresh olives, hummus and warm pitta breads makes up a meze. This delicious spread is a great way to introduce yourself to Greek cuisine as it will open your eyes to the fresh, natural flavours that define this exquisite style of cooking.


A little like a Greek version of a lasagne, moussaka is a combination of minced lamb and tomato sauce layered with hearty slices of aubergine and bechamel sauce, which is all baked together in a large dish to create a rich and filling meal. Each moussaka is different because of the combination of herbs and spices used, but whatever area of Greece you visit you’ll know this delicious dish will be well worth trying time and again.

Greek Salad

You can find Greek salad pretty much everywhere around the world, but you should definitely make the most of your trip to Greece by trying their version, as you’ll never want to eat the pale imitations you find elsewhere ever again. The tomatoes, olives and cucumber are combined with seasoning and the juices form their own natural dressing which pairs perfectly with large chunks of fresh feta cheese. The freshness of the ingredients and the exquisite subtle seasoning will refresh and revitalise even the most exhausted and world-weary of travellers.


Greek meatballs are rich, hearty and flavoursome. They can be served alone as a starter or made part of a meal with pitta breads and a refreshing salad. Usually made from a combination of beef and lamb to make them both sweet and meaty, they are soft and tender, making them a delicious treat for meat lovers.


The Greek equivalent of the universally adored kebab, gyros comprise of meat, usually chicken, pork or lamb, seasoned with a rich blend of spices and served on a warm flatbread with roasted vegetables and a tart yogurt dressing. You may have had something like it elsewhere, but I’d definitely recommend that you find a Greek street vendor to show you the real way to eat this delectable street food.


These small, sweet almond cookies are traditionally served alongside a cup of fresh coffee, making them the perfect afternoon treat. The base is sometimes covered in chocolate for an additional flavour profile. Crunchy on the outside and soft and chewy in the middle, they’re so moreish that you’ll find yourself unable to resist having just one more.


A dessert unlike any you’ll have ever tried before, galaktoboureko comprises a semolina custard topped with sweet filo pastry. This delicious, sweet and indulgent pudding is great for those who really want to enjoy a traditional Greek dessert and immerse themselves in the culture of this beautiful country.


A rich, nutty pastry dish featuring sugary syrup and toasted nuts coated in delicious filo pastry, this Middle Eastern inspired dessert is perfect for when the weather’s hot but you’re sick of ice cream. It’s bold flavours and luxurious richness make it a perfect pastry snack, and because it’s so filling you won’t need much to be completely full.


Similar to baklava, kataifi is a dessert made in almost the same way, except instead of filo pastry it is made of distinctive pastry that resembles shredded wheat cereal. It’s rolled into logs filled with nutty, syrupy sweetness and then cut into small cubes that those with a sweet tooth will be unable to resist.

Spoon Sweets

Greek tradition, spoon sweets have been around for centuries. Made by preserving fruits in honey or sugar syrup, they are served on a small spoon and make for a great sweet treat to give you a sugar boost after a heavy meal without having to eat an entire dessert.

When eating in Greece, the most important thing is to enjoy yourself. Respect your own boundaries but also try to sample a little of everything so that you can enjoy the rich symphony of flavours and plethora of fresh ingredients on offer in this beautiful country.

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