Planning The Perfect Surfing Holiday

Escaping on a trip to one of the world’s most beautiful beaches to catch some waves is the dream for most surfers, but it takes hard work and organisation to create the perfect experience. To help, here’s my guide to planning an unforgettable surfing holiday.

Pick Your Perfect Destination

The destination you select will influence almost every other aspect of your trip, so you need to make sure that you make this decision first. Think hard about how much surfing you want to do and if there are any other activities you want to indulge in too. Check out some of the world’s most popular surfing destinations to get some inspiration.

Make A Budget

When you know where you’re going to go, you can research how much the rough costs are of travelling and staying in your chosen destination so you can create a budget. This will ensure that your dream trip doesn’t turn into a financial nightmare. Remember that as well as accommodation and transport, you also need to consider the cost of food, equipment hire and money for any expenses you may have and souvenirs you want to buy. Factor all of these costs into your budget so you know how much your dream trip will set you back.

Find Accommodation That Suits Your Preferences

Once you know where you’re going to visit and what you want to see and do there, you can search for the perfect place to stay. If you plan to spend most of your trip on the water then you’ll only need a bolthole to store your stuff and sleep in at night, so consider a hostel, so you can save some money and meet new people. If you want to see more of the surrounding area and relax in style, then consider finding yourself a hotel with all the amenities you crave.

Arrange Your Journey To Your Destination

How far your destination is from your home will determine the options you have for travel. For shorter journeys you could potentially drive or take the train, whereas longer trips will require you to take either a boat or a plane. Flying means that you’ll be subject to restrictions on your luggage, whereas taking a boat may take longer. The option you choose will determine the cost of your trip and the items you can take with you, so think long and hard about what the best option is for you.

Pack Everything You’ll Need

When travelling internationally it can be hard to take your surfboard with you, so make sure there’s a surfing gear hire store near your chosen destination. There are a few items you’ll need to have to hand, so make sure you pack the following:
Try not to pack too much on your holiday so you can spend more time surfing and less time packing and lugging your gear around.

Check You Have Everything You Need

Some destinations require compulsory vaccinations, visas or other travel documents, so check before you travel so that you don’t get caught out and ruin your dream surfing holiday. Visit the government website of the country you’re planning on visiting and they will be able to share insights on what you’ll need so you’re completely prepared.

Think About Transport

If you’re lucky enough to be able to find accommodation right on the beach then can you easily get yourself around, but if not then you’ll need to explore local transport options. Depending on where you’re visiting there may be great public transport, or there may be virtually none. Should you find that it’ll be hard to get around, consider hiring a car so that you have the freedom to come and go as you please and visit all the best beaches for catching great waves.

Take Out Travel Insurance

Surfing’s great fun, but even experienced wave riders get injured, so make sure that you take out travel insurance that will protect you if you do get hurt or if your belongings are stolen or damaged. Compare the prices on a range of policies before you select the one that’s right for you, so that you can have the peace of mind to enjoy the perfect surfing holiday.

Consider A Package Deal

For surfers who don’t want to plan and prepare, there are loads of package surfing holidays on the market so that you can enjoy a great experience without having to organise it yourself. There’s an option out there to suit everyone, from complete beginners through to experts, so you can find the experience that exceeds your expectations.

Going on a surfing holiday is great for both experienced surfers and novices, so take the time to plan so that you make the most of your experience and come away with great memories you’ll treasure throughout the rest of your life.

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